IFP’s Environmental System is a code for respect, shared among the people both inside and outside the working premises.
According to the UNI EN ISO 14000:2004, everyone who becomes part of the company shares and works to ensure a behavior which guarantee security, health and optimal working conditions.

Considering the environmental impact of its activities, IFP commits to:

- observe all rules and regulations according to the law;

- constantly strive to improve its processes by minimizing and preserving the environment from pollution where possible and economically sustainable;

- promote and maintain an open relation with all the authorities, institutions and all bodies directly involved in preventing any negative polluting impact on the environment;

- promote activities such as training of its employees and outside co-workers, suppliers and maintenance staff for a more in depth knowledge of the environmental company issues, this in order to have an overall and active participation from all to always improve the Environmental Company System;

- evaluate and always monitor the impact of each production step on the environment;

- monitor environment pollution and production wastes through specific activities and evaluate alternatives to reduce them as much as possible;

- constantly monitor the efficiency of its Environmental Policy System;

- assure that all personnel is well aware of the Company Environmental Policy System requesting to all employees, outside co-workers and suppliers to respect such requirements.


UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 PDF